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Doodle Business Cards

Some fun branding for myself. I decided to go the route of making my cards more visual rather than having a lot of information on them. I wanted to send these out with prints as well as giving them to clients, so I made them bright and left off my phone number. Who likes getting phone calls anyway, right? I think this also has the effect of intriguing people somewhat and getting them to look through my portfolio. I’m mysterious.

I had the cards printed with and they were also featured in MOO’s internal brand guidelines book and on their website to illustrate an article I wrote for them on budget branding.

These were drawn by hand and then scanned and finished in Illustrator.

  • Date: 2013
  • Categories: Branding / Design / Illustration / Lettering
  • Client: Tim Easley
  • URL:

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  1. Witarina McRae

    / Reply

    I think these are great idea, you make it sound so easy ha ha.
    Im going to try my own cards but my name is very difficult to fit.

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