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Cutting Shapes

This is a hand cut 50cm x 70cm piece that I created for an exhibition themed around tessellation. I love when things fit together, and when I think of shapes tessellating I immediately think of tiles, so I wanted to make something tangible and textured rather than just an illustration.

I had some spare card, so thought I’d do a hand cut piece, but keep it bright and varied, with different designs on each tile. For this reason I kept the main shape as a triangle, mainly because anything more complicated would make the piece look too messy, and also because triangles are way easier to make!

Everything is hand cut, besides the short rounded “stubs”, which I used a Euro punch for and then trimmed down, then it’s all stuck together using glue sticks.

  • Date: 2015
  • Categories: Design / Illustration
  • Client: Tim Easley

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