BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-0
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-1
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-2
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-3
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-4
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-5
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-6
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-7
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-8
BBC – BBC Three Rebrand-9

BBC – BBC Three Rebrand

Last year I was asked to come in and do some work on the BBC Three rebrand. I took my influence from various sources for the initial ideas, then developed one logo for use in various ways over social media outlets and live broadcast.

All of the designs were produced with motion and adaptability in mind, but also to work as a set of static images while still being recognisable as the same brand.

In the end a different idea was developed by the team for the final logo, but it was still a very interesting project to work on!

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