8-Bit Sneakers-0
8-Bit Sneakers-1
8-Bit Sneakers-2
8-Bit Sneakers-3
8-Bit Sneakers-4
8-Bit Sneakers-5

8-Bit Sneakers

I love sneakers. I love 8-bit stuff. That’s why I decided to combine the two and make a series of prints based on real colourways of well known and well loved sneakers. These were created in Illustrator and individually coloured to match real life sneakers. There are 42 sneakers on each print, with 6 prints making the set, and 252 total illustrations. That’s a lot of pixels. And maybe some wonky eyes.

  • Date: 2014
  • Categories: Illustration
  • Client: Tim Easley

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  1. Steven

    / Reply

    Dude, these are fucking incredible!!! Very inspiring indeed.

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