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2D Glasses

I produced special 2D glasses, both as a confusing but hopefully memorable method of self promotion, and also as a social commentary on the way we all seem to be stuck to our digital devices these days. Manufactured using the same process that conventional 3D glasses use, these glasses mimic the style but distinctly lack the depth of field that 3D glasses usually provide.

The premise behind the idea is that by viewing the world in two dimensions the wearer no longer has to leave the safety of their phone or tablet. They can simply utilise the glasses to transform the world into the comfortable two dimensional experience that they’re so acclimatised to interacting with. Landscapes now look like Instagram photos, friends seem like Facebook selfies, and watching a show at the theatre is now like an authentic YouTube experience.

I am also giving these away with every order from my store.

  • Date: 2014
  • Categories: Concept / Design / Illustration / Lettering
  • Client: Tim Easley
  • URL: http://timeasley.com

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